CPPS Programs and Services

Programs and Services

CPPS team members have extensive experience in planning and evaluating human service and justice system organizations. They also bring skills in organizational development and change, group facilitation and team building, strategic planning, project management, research and evaluation, and project planning and implementation. All of our work has required documenting work processes and evaluating work products for all the major divisions within an organization and understanding the linkages between the organization and its internal and external stakeholders.

Strategic Planning

CPPS has over 18 years of experience facilitating strategic planning efforts with a wide range of organizations around the country, principally with courts and court-attached agencies, but also with other types of organizations (e.g., non-profit organizations, human services agencies, city governments). A cornerstone of our planning efforts has been working with the organizations to develop improvement recommendations and strategies for organizations to use in implementing those recommendations.

Organizational and System-Wide Analysis

CPPS staff are known for their ability to examine and assess complex organizations quickly and thoroughly. They have conducted studies of justice system organization and administration, caseflow analysis, caseload management and comprehensive studies of the larger justice system throughout the U.S. and in some foreign countries. They have demonstrated their ability to work effectively with a variety of public agencies in developing management responses to identified needs, and to help organizations develop new strategies to improve individual and organizational performance.

Stakeholder Analysis

CPPS staff have designed, administered, and analyzed stakeholder surveys for a wide range of issues and audiences. Some of these issues include opinions about (1) public education, (2) water use and conservation, (3) control of hazardous waste, (4) consumer purchase of services and products, (5) demand for and use of health care facilities, (6) assessment of community needs, (7) attitudes toward job training programs, (8) employee job satisfaction, (9) attitudes toward selected consumer products and services, (10) membership development, (11) collaboration, (12) emergency services, (13) training programs, (14) needs assessments, and (15) customer service.

In addition, CPPS team members possess extensive experience in conducting interviews and focus groups with a wide range of stakeholder groups.  Every member of our consulting team has well-developed interviewing skills from work in multiple types of agencies and multiple environments. They also are skilled at analyzing and translating the outcomes of those interviews into objective findings that can result in recommendations for action to improve policies, procedures, and services.

Project Design and Implementation

CPPS team members have helped organizations around the U.S. design and implement demonstration and pilot programs to improve organizational performance, service delivery to customers, operational efficiency, and public accountability. They work closely with stakeholders to design and implement processes and programs that fit within the organization’s environment.

Program Evaluation

CPPS team members have conducted process and outcomes evaluations for local, state and federal agencies. This has included work with single or multiple sites to examine existing and/or new programs and services and assess the merits and limitations of demonstration projects. We provide services at any and all phases of an evaluation, including:

·      Outlining a research design at a project’s initial stages

·      Developing data collection instruments

·      Gathering data (e.g., training data collectors, administering surveys, facilitating focus groups, conducting interviews)

·      Analyzing data, whether they are data we collect or data collected by others

·      Writing final evaluation reports

We have access to a wide range of software to support management of the evaluation, data collection, analysis and report writing.




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