As stated earlier, one the priorities of the Immigration Strategic Initiative is to increase understanding and awareness about the impacts of immigration on the state courtsTo this end, we are constantly striving to compile relevant and up-to-date publications and papers. Below, find the .pdf files of our most recent publications. For more CPPS publications, visit this page.


Recent Publications
Implications of Padilla v. Kentucky on the Duties of State Court Criminal Judges and Court Administrators
Implications of Padilla v. Kentucky on the Duties of the State Court Criminal Judges

This note discusses the potential implications of the Padilla v. Kentucky ruling for state criminal court judges in: (1) taking a guilty plea; (2) appointing counsel for indigent defendants; (3) assuring fairness for unrepresented defendants; and (4) becoming familiar with Federal immigration law.

Immigration Bench Cards

These bench cards are designed to provide a quick reference for state criminal, family and juvenile judges as they make decisions that could have possible immigration consequences for non-citizens that pass through their courts.

Annotated Bibliography of Key Immigration Sources

One of the significant challenges in the Immigration and the State Courts Initiatives has been linking busy state court practitioners with the most relevant information about immigrants and immigration trends. Everyday the already vast sea of information about immigration expands significantly. The purpose of this document is to highlight what we have discovered over the last few years to be of greatest use to court practitioners interested in immigration generally and how serving immigrant populations might impact the state courts.


Uses of State Criminal Court Records in Immigration Proceedings

State court criminal case records provide the information needed to allow or not allow legal alien immigrants to remain in the U.S. This article written by Steve Weller and John Martin explores the necessity of state court criminal records in immigration proceedings.

Immigration and the State Courts Assessment and Measurement Framework

An article published by the Court Manager that outlines assessment and measurement frameworks for state court administrators.

Addressing Immigration in the State Courts

A Court Manager publication that outlines the challenges and impacts of immigration on the state courts


Immigration and the State Courts Assessment

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