Strategic Planning Projects

Enhancing the Hawaii State Judiciary. This project critically examined the Hawaii State Judiciary's structure, procedures, and scope of functions to develop a comprehensive plan that will allow the judiciary to deliver effective and efficient services to the people of Hawaii, and deal more effectively with the vicissitudes of the Hawaiian economy.

Dade County, Florida, Court Strategic Plan. A team from CPPS helped the 11th Judicial Circuit Court of Florida develop a long-range strategic plan by describing and assessing the Circuit's capacity to provide justice services and establishing a strategic agenda and direction for the Court’s future. Subsequent work included a pilot project in the criminal court and a study of the Circuit’s facilities.

Mongolia Judiciary Study. Through the National Center for State Courts, CPPS staff worked with the Mongolian Government and representatives from funding agencies around the world to define a strategic direction for the Mongolian judiciary and a plan to help the government achieve its strategic goals.

Florida Supreme Court Planning Project. CPPS staff assisted the Office of the State Court Administrator (OCSA) in the state's long-range strategic planning efforts, including helping OSCA deliver a workshop, reviewing existing plans, preparing materials, facilitating planning sessions, and conducting a series of focus groups around the state.

King County, Washington District Court Strategic Planning Project. Our staff assisted the District Court in developing a strategic plan for the Court. The project involved establishing a Strategic Planning Committee, assessing the needs of stakeholders in court services, developing a mission statement, evaluating the court's strengths and weaknesses, evaluating recent trends, and developing a five-year strategic plan.

Michigan Courts Reorganization and Funding Project. A CPPS team staff assisted the Michigan Justice Planning Committee (MJPS) to articulate the justice system’s mission, vision, and values, assess the Michigan judicial districts' capacity, explore organization and funding possibilities, and analyze preferred options and implementation issues. 

Michigan Judicial Institute Strategic Planning Project. CPPS staff facilitated the development of a strategic plan for the Michigan Judicial Institute, which is the judicial education arm of the Michigan Judicial System.

Michigan State Court Administrative Office Strategic Planning Project. CPPS staff facilitated the development of a strategic plan for the Michigan State Court Administrative Office, the administrative arm of the Michigan State Court System.

Study of Milwaukee County Judicial System. A CPPS project team performed a study of the Milwaukee County Judicial System, which included documenting existing court operations, recommending practical solutions, developing performance standards and improvement recommendations, and designing a strategic plan.


Court Long Range Strategic Planning Project. CPPS staff developed an approach to long-range strategic planning for the courts. Under a grant from the State Justice Institute, staff worked with a national project advisory board to outline a stepwise, sequenced approach to strategic planning.  The project prepared both a handbook of strategic planning principles and steps and a training guide to help courts conduct their own planning process.

California’s Courts: Connecting With Constituencies. Staff prepared an instructional guide to facilitate California’s Community-Focused Court Planning Workshops. The guide is a tool that will assist court leaders in their future planning and court improvement efforts.

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