Management Assessments and Studies

Las Vegas Township Justice Court Operational and Workload Assessment. Our staff conducted a detailed assessment of staff utilization and court processes for the Las Vegas, Nevada, Township Justice Court.

Mesa County Jail Overcrowding Study. The project team conducted a study of the County’s criminal justice system to: (1) identify methods to reduce present and future jail usage; and (2) enhance the use of alternatives to incarceration.


Florida Legal Services Process Improvement. Our team evaluated and made recommendations for improving the current methods and procedures used for contracting with private attorneys for the provision of child support legal services.

Maricopa County Public Defender Management Study. This project was a management study of the Public Defender's (PD) Office of Maricopa County, Arizona (Phoenix). The primary purpose of the project was to identify opportunities for improving the Office's efficiency and effectiveness. 

Continuous Quality Improvement in the Courts. This project was designed to enhance trial court performance by (1) helping two trial courts in Maryland and Ohio implement a total quality improvement strategy, (2) documenting and evaluating the project outcomes, and (3) preparing a handbook for court practitioners that allows them to implement their own quality improvement projects.

Vermont Child Support and Court Management Study. Under contract with the Agency for Human Services, we performed a management study of the Vermont Office of Child Support (OCS), particularly the operations of the office as they affected the courts.

West Virginia Performance Audit. We conducted audits of the Family Law Masters system and the Child Advocate Office administration of the IV-D program in West Virginia. Our team made recommendations for improvements in statutes and policies, organizational issues, management and leadership needs, and program issues. 

Denver District Attorney’s Office Management Study. We conducted a management study and facilitated a planning session for the Denver District Attorney’s Office. The study included interviews and focus groups with all the professional and administrative staff of the office.

Establishing an Alternative Dispute Resolution Program in Guyana. We served as consultants to The Carter Center on a USAID-funded project to assess the feasibility of and then implement the use of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) techniques to help reduce the backlog of civil cases in the courts of Guyana.

Assessment of the Ecuador Justice System. CPPS staff served as consultants on a USAID-funded project to analyze: (1) the ability to institute restorative justice principles; (2) the potential for adopting community justice approaches to criminal sanctioning; and (3) the issues that will be faced as the nation moves to an oral process, first in its criminal courts and then in its civil courts, particularly issues of accountability and transparency.

Justice Reform in Kosovo: Creating a Democratic Justice System: Planning for Institutional Change. Our staff completed work on an overall approach to achieve a fair and just court system based on institutional change. The project includes three phases: (1) the planning phase; (2) the demonstration project phase; and (3) evaluation of outcomes and promotion of sustainable change phase.

Maryland Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) Management Assessment and Strategic Planning. The CPPS team worked with the Maryland Administrative Office of the Courts to conduct an external and internal assessment of the organization and work with the AOC’s senior management staff to identify and implement improvement opportunities.

Evaluation of California’s Three Track Civil Litigation Process. CPPS staff conducted a study of civil litigation procedures for the California Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC). The study’s purpose was to determine if using simpler court procedures to process civil cases will have positive outcomes on the quality of justice, access to the courts, and efficiency for the parties and the courts.

Gwinnett County Courts Operations and Efficiency Study. Working through a related organization, CPPS staff conducted an operational and efficiency analysis of the courts and justice system agencies of Gwinnett County, Georgia as part of a study to develop a plan for a new courthouse. 

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